Your home is probably your most important – your largest and most valuable – asset. Homeowners insurance protects you when disaster strikes. Are you sure that your house and belongings are fully covered by your homeowner policy? By taking the time to review your policy, you can save yourself the grief of discovering gaps in your coverage after it’s too late.

By taking an inventory of your belongings and comparing it to your policy may be surprised to discover that your policy may not cover the things you have accumulated over the years – or that you may be covering assets you no longer own. You may want to consider a guaranteed replacement cost policy, or you may want to adjust your riders or even separate policies for big ticket items such as electronics, art, jewelry, or sporting equipment.

There are many levels of coverage, from broad policies that cover typical assets and incidents, to policies specifically developed for condos or for older home. There are many details to examine, including your deductible and premium, your liability coverage, the policy’s exclusions and sub-limits, and its riders. While you don’t want to be under-covered, there’s also no need for you to have excessive coverage; that’s where we come in. We can take a look at your needs and find the policy that best meets them at a price that’s in your budget.

Whenever you’re ready to review your policy, we’re here for you – just give The Bushey Agency a call.