Personal insurance is used to offset the costs of replacing the things of value we accumulate over time. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or a renter, we can help you find a perfect policy to fit your specific situation.

Property insurance not only covers structures and personal belongings, but also offers liability protection if someone should have an accident on your property. We are here to help you select the appropriate coverage amounts for each.

Beyond property insurance, The Bushey Agency can also help you protect all types of vehicles, including policies for your car, SUV, motorcycle or boat.

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Primary Home
Coverage for the home or condo you live in, which covers you in case of damage to the dwelling, property or assets; an accident with injury on your property; or an event that might hold you liable because of injury to another or damage to their property.

Condominium and townhouse insurance differs from homeowner’s insurance. You’ll want coverage for personal property, built-in features and appliances, and liability, but your structural responsibilities will depend on what your condo association’s Master Deed requires.

Secondary/Seasonal Home
This type of coverage, which shares the same components as primary home insurance, is for a second home in which you are the occupant—not a tenant.

A landlord policy protects your income property investment and your personal assets with coverage for damage to the buildings and property, as well as injury to a tenant or guest. This coverage protects landlords with smaller properties, from single-family homes up to four-family rental units. Some policies can also cover legal fees and up to 12 months of lost rental income.

Auto insurance is required by law, though minimum requirements vary by state. In Georgia, bodily injury and physical damage liability coverage is mandatory. Other types of coverage include collision, comprehensive (loss in a case other than collision), uninsured motorist, personal injury protection (for lost wages, childcare expenses). You might also want a policy with a roadside protection plan.

Liability coverage for motorcycles is also required in most states. Other optional types of motorcycle insurance include coverage for collision, uninsured motorists, accessories and medical costs.

Insurance for your boat is similar to a car or motorcycle and includes bodily and property liability as well as replacement/repair coverage for physical damage to the boat and trailer.

Classic Car
Most standard car insurance policies are not able to adequately meet the needs of classic car owners, especially when it comes to repairs and replacement value. Coverage also has a few different stipulations from that for contemporary daily-drivers. Depending on whether you have a locked garage or a carport and how far you drive your classic on a regular basis, we can find you the right policy for you.

Single Item Umbrella
Do you have a single item that is particularly valuable—such as a rare collectible or a piece of jewelry? A single item umbrella assures that you have adequate coverage if it is stolen or damaged.

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