Welcome to The Bushey Agency, an independent insurance broker in the Atlanta area for people who want a stress-free and customized approach to meeting their insurance needs. Our goal is to work with those who value the agent relationship and trust that we will present sound options from top carriers to meet individual needs for personal, commercial, life and health insurance.

Our agency was founded to create a better consumer insurance experience. While a successful project manager in the IT industry, company founder Marvin Bushey had his home broken into and all of his valuable possessions stolen. Unfortunately, his insurance coverage didn’t go very far in reimbursing him for the loss.

Marvin Bushey
Marvin BusheyFounder

“My insurance didn’t cover a lot of the theft because I’d outgrown my policy. My agent didn’t keep up with me and vice versa. I ended up feeling ripped-off by the insurance company as much as the thieves,” he remembers.

Frustrated by his experience, Marvin went to work figuring out exactly how the insurance industry functioned. “I talked to friends about whether or not their agent ever talked to them, and I started to wonder how I could make a difference in this industry.”

Soon, Marvin found himself on the fast-track to opening his own agency, but representing a single company soon had its limitations for him.

“I realized that I could only customize my clients’ needs to a limited extent—only offer them a finite number of products. That’s when I decided to start The Bushey Agency, allowing me to choose the best products from among many carriers to fit my clients’ individual needs.”

Now, as an insurance broker, Marvin and The Bushey Agency offer clients the specific type of personal, commercial, life and health policies they need from among the portfolios of the largest insurers in the industry, while providing personal customer service.

“Ours is a small agency, a family-run business. We represent big carriers but the approach is all about family,” Marvin says.

Keeping the family approach intact is what our agency strives for in all of its dealings. We understand that as a consumer, sorting through the many insurance products offered by a crowded field of providers is intimidating. We make the process simple by doing all the hard work for you. Our knowledge and understanding of this ever-changing industry allows us to pinpoint which carriers are appropriate for your needs.

We look forward to protecting the things that are important to you. Give us a call today to see how we can help you or someone you care about find the perfect policy fit.