Business insurance is meant to protect all aspects of a commercial enterprise. Policies vary in scope and usually cover exposures in day-to-day operations with the public, other business entities and employees.

Business insurance is also a must-have in case of a legal proceeding against your enterprise. In this litigious society, it is easy to be sued for the slightest misunderstanding or mishap. If you are in business, why risk not having the proper coverage in such an event?

Evaluation of your business assets and possible liabilities is a necessity for all business owners.

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General Liability/BOP
Liability coverage protects your company in case it is sued or held legally liable for injury or loss caused by a mistake made it has made. “BOP” stands for business owners’ policy, which usually includes property and casualty insurance.

Professional Liability/Error & Omissions
This type of coverage is needed in case your business makes a profession-based error with accrued damages to another that are probably financial, rather than physical. Violations of industry codes of conduct often fall under this legal category.

Workers’ Compensation
Though state laws vary on workers’ compensation coverage, Georgia law requires employers with three or more employees to provide it. If one of your employees becomes injured or ill for job-related reasons, this coverage will pay for medical and rehabilitation costs.

Commercial Auto
All of the coverage types of regular car insurance come to bear here, but your business is the owner and responsible party, protecting your personal assets in case of an accident. The financing company or leaseholder of your vehicle may also require certain types of coverage for commercial use.

Directors and Officers
This coverage works as a kind of professional liability policy for your company’s management, in the event that those individuals are filed suit against for reasons that occurred in the performance of their duties.

To assure potential investors that a bond is safe, issuers can use this type of coverage to insure them against default.

Builders Risk
This special type of property insurance protects against damage to buildings while they are under construction or renovation and includes coverage of involved materials, fixtures and equipment.

Contractor Liability
With the many things that can go wrong during and after a construction project, contractors need to protect themselves against possible legal claims. Coverage includes personal injury, property damage and negligence.

Special Events
Good for both public and private events, this type of liability insurance provides protection if an event holder, exhibitor, vendor or concessionaire is sued or required to pay damages for bodily injury or property damage to third parties.

Excess/Surplus lines
This segment of the insurance market lets consumers negotiate pricing for property and casualty insurance, based on the risks to be secured. This flexibility allows individual consumers and commercial entities with higher or unusual risk profiles a greater choice in meeting their unique protection needs.

Speak with one of our business insurance representatives today to obtain a detailed assessment and quote regarding coverage options that best fit your needs.

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